Key documents


O1 Report of the level of OI skills and abilities at local market: will be critical for responsiveness and adaptability of the overall solution. But the developed report will be also important source of information on labor market state in OI area in analysed EU regions providing quality information for HR professionals, managers, as well as educators interested in developing further initiatives in the area. – PDF

O2 Methodology and mechanism for building HR staff competencies to support OI competencies development: will build awareness of HR professionals regarding open innovation careers and their requirements to allow them effectively include OI in their portfolio and support effective upskilling and requalification. – PDF

O3 Methodology and diagnostic tool for evaluating requalification potential: will in the first place allow HR professionals to evaluate potential of candidates for OI career – allowing maximal capitalization on existing human capital and optimal guidance. But due to its ICT user-friendly character can be also used by individuals without professional HR support or other organisations to test OI oriented capacities. – PDF

O4 OPI development program methodology and contents: will allow job seekers and employees to develop future oriented skills required in OI professions. It will provide on-demand access for individuals as well as will supply tested and highly accessible tool for HR professionals to develop responsive to job market competences among their stakeholders, as well as relevant resources for adult educators. – LINK

O5 OPI Toolkit: offering tools for practical interactive learning for individual usage as well as OI focused methodologies and tools for HR professionals and adult educators. – PDF

O6 OPI online platform: will provide accessibility and integration of the solution for usage among the target groups with special focus on HR professionals and job seekers/employees in unemployment risk. – LINK

O7  Open Innovation re-qualification guide: will be specifically devoted to HR professionals, providing knowledge-based instruction for OI upskilling and requalification and maximization of impact of OPI results. – PDF